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Letter to the editor: Setting the record straight

To the Editor:

Maggie Kemp’s statements, written in previous letters to the editor, about my voting record are untrue. Not once did I vote to build the elementary school and administration building on the Route 329 site.

At the December 2023 special meeting, the school board was presented with the cost of canceling the building project. The cost of canceling the project was almost $10,000,000.

At the December special meeting, I explained my vote and voted to not waste $10,000,000. Additionally, the $10,000,000 cost of canceling the building project was not funded.

The result was to take the moneys out of the general fund. Throwing $10,000,000 of taxpayer moneys with no plan to fund the cost is fiscally irresponsible.

I hope next time Ms. Kemp wants to make a statement about me, her facts are correct.

I’m available to set the record straight for anyone. Email me at vaughnd@nasdschools.org.

Douglas Vaughn

NASD school board president

Lehigh Township