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Setting traps for mischievous leprechauns


Special to The Press

Northwestern Elementary students in Alyssa Hansen’s fourth grade class partnered with Jordan Wessner’s kindergartners for a special St. Patrick’s Day project. They worked in small groups using various art supplies and made leprechaun traps.

Once finished, they strategically placed gold coins to entice them inside.

Unfortunately, despite multiple creative attempts to lure the elusive creatures, not a single one was captured.

Instead, they left a mess along with a note wishing them better luck next year.

PRESS PHOTOS COURTESY ERICA SEITHER Kindergartners Olivia R. and Veda P. work with fourth graders Danica Q., behind the box, and (right) Zoey W. to make a leprechaun trap.
Siblings Bryce and Nora K. work with Holly L. Bryce is in kindergarten. Nora and Holly are in fourth grade. The team work on their leprechaun trap.
Fourth grader Jack P. works to glue multiple sticks together for his leprechaun trap.