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EHS presents Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella (Broadway version)” 7 p.m. March 20 through 23 and 2 p.m. March 23 and 24

Leave your own little corner because the prince is giving a ball.

The Emmaus High School Theater Department presents “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Broadway version)” 7 p.m. March 20 through 23 and 2 p.m. March 23 and 24 in the Emmaus High School Auditorium.

There is a cost for tickets.

The folk tale tells the story of Cinderella who becomes a servant for her stepmother and two stepsisters after her father dies. Her fairy godmother grants Cinderella’s wish, using magic to change her into a princess so she may attend a ball given by the local prince. When Cinderella flees the ball at midnight before the magic spell expires, she loses one of her glass slippers, prompting a kingdom-wide search for the woman the shoe fits and who has captured the prince’s heart.

Among the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm, the story has various iterations.

When approached to create a show for television, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II had a particular vision, according to Todd S. Purdum in his 2018 book about the influential pair titled “Something Wonderful.”

The production starred Julie Andrews and was kept “simple and sweet: no modern touches, no anachronistic interpolations, no wised-up twentieth-century idioms,” according to Purdum.

In her book “Home: A Memoir of My Early Years,” Andrews recalled, “[T]his was an original musical created basically for me.”

Andrews, according to Purdum, rehearsed “Cinderella” on her days and afternoons off from “My Fair Lady,” then a hit on Broadway in its own right.

Described as an original musical play, the 90-minute show was created especially for television.

The original live broadcast from New York City, March 31, 1957, on CBS had at least 107 million viewers, setting a record.

Other television versions would follow.

In 1965, Lesley Ann Warren took the role of Cinderella and that version was rebroadcast annually into the 1970s. Some readers may remember the 1997 version starring singer Brandy as Cinderella, Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother, Bernadette Peters as the stepmother and Whoopi Goldberg as the queen.

The show finally made its Broadway debut in 2013.

Like all Rodgers and Hammerstein productions, the show boasts numerous memorable songs including “Impossible/It’s Possible,” “In My Own Little Corner,” “Ten Minutes Ago” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”

The cast of the Emmaus High School Theater Department’s “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella” includes: Julia Brown as Ella, Aiden Panko as Topher/The Prince, Anna Chavolla as Marie/Fairy Godmother, Emily Brown as Gabrielle, Lila Schneider as Charlotte, Kyra Kelly as Madame, Charles Kenney as Jean-Michel, Noah Hover as Sebastian and Santiago Chavolla as Lord Pinkleton.

The ensemble includes Jacob Ackerman, Rose Alsleben, Aiden Bullard, James Chen, Dylan Dueh, Christopher Fullenwider, Abby Holtz, Alexandria Keane, Hannah Kern, Michal Krem, Gio Martinez, Matthew McCambridge, Persia Mullay, Elaine Nguyen, Liam Paradise, Varun Rajam, Ava Grace Saab, Noah Schreiner, Madisyn Servais, Jocelynn Spengler, Ashley Urland, Ben Wiese and Benjamin Wilks.

The dance ensemble includes Cecilia Christ, Molly Himes, Sarah Paulsen and Savannah Spengler.

Mike Moran conducts the following pit orchestra musicians: Bruce Gaston and Takeshi Horochi; Justin Chan, Kelly Chan and Kyle Chan; Samuel Dougherty and Kaitlyn Tang; Ty Hooker-Haring; Norah Hoffman; Clara Isom and Andrew Trautman; Vivian Zhong and Luke Simons; Stavros Marangos; Mark Syslo and Derek Foster; Aidan Doyle, Donald Hughes and Matus Starry; Evan Bartolomei, Paul Schmidt and Rob Stoneback; Thomas Amdur and Jeremy Lam; Reid Hoffman and Rowan Wessner.

Cecilia Ruyak is the stage manager.

Anna Smith is the production assistant.

Bryson Da Silva, Alexa Ebeling, SheaLeigh Eisenberg, Brett Heier and Matthew Lewbart are the lighting crew.

Kayla DiGiacomo, Abigail Gruber, Thomas McDonnell and Delaney Reilly are the sound crew.

The build/run crew includes Nora Benner, Sasha Budhram, Harrison Covell, Steal Eisenhart, Jabari Howard, Josephine Jackson, Joseph Ko, Jackson Kraft, Mia Laporte, Bridget McDonnell, Rylie Newpher, Mikayla Sames, Bree Schoonover and Hailey Wagner.

Leia Abruzzese, Arwen Causa, Alexandria Hrusovsky, Isabel Jurado, Lorelei Kilka, CJ Levinson, Alayna Male, Rae Murphy, Alana Ramirez, Kyra Snow and Joslyn Zetterberg are the properties crew.

The costume crew includes Lauren Bendekovits, Avery Berger, Olivia Clements, Maya Escoto, Lorelei Kilka, Liliana Scholz and Julia Visco.

Those on the Front-of-House crew include Arwen Causa, Georgia Hoffman, Alexandria Hrusovsky, Isabel Jurado, Rae Murphy, Ty Turoczy, Wesley Young and Braxton Winkle.

Molly Himes and Elaine Nguyen are dance captains.

Maeve Yanes is the production management mentor.

Steve Braglio handles production photography and videography.

Cecilia Christ handles poster/publicity design.

Program layout and printing is the work of Maeve Yanes and EBC Printing.

Lexi Soboleski and Katie Pfenninger handle art design.

Jill E. Keubler is the artistic director/producer.

Julia Wallace is the music director.

Chris Kollar handles scenic design and set construction.

Jerri L. Brown is the choreographer.

Diane DiDona handles costume coordination and properties design.

Costume design is by Scaramouch Costumes.

Lighting design is by Dave Dougherty and Brett Heier.

Sound design is by Dave Dougherty and Kayla DiGiacomo.

Mike Eisentraut is the stage technician.

Assistant stage managers are Rylie Newpher and Bree Schnoover.

The house manager is Corinne Fecho.

Volunteer coordinators are Maeve Yanes, Anna Smith and Ty Turoczy.

Kim Danish is responsible for wig/hair design.

Press Photo by C. Richard Chartrand The Emmaus High School Theater Department presents “Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (Broadway version)” 7 p.m. March 20 through 23 and 2 p.m. March 23 and 24 in the Emmaus High School Auditorium. ABOVE: Topher/The Prince, portrayed by Aiden Panko and Ella, portrayed by Julia Brown, dance at the ball. Story and additional photos appear on Page A11.
The ladies vie for the prince's attention at the ball.
Jean-Michel, portrayed by Charles Kenney, carries flowers to Ella.
Kyra Kelly as Madame and Emily Brown and Lila Schneider as Gabrielle and Charlotte rehearse a scene in “Cinderella.”
PRESS PHOTOS BY C. RICHARD CHARTRAND The cast of “Cinderella” fills the stage during a recent dress rehearsal.
Anna Chavolla as Marie and Julia Brown as Ella rehearse together.
Julia Brown, Kyra Kelly, Emily Brown and Lila Schneider rehearse a scene in “Cinderella” at Emmaus High School.
Julia Brown as Ella rehearses a scene in “Cinderella.”