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STUDENT PROFILE Coordinated by Julie Swan

Grade: 12

Family members: My parents are Mary and Stephen Pierce and I have three siblings: Mia, Emma and Andrew, along with my dog Molly.

Favorite subject: My favorite subject in school is English. I am a pretty good writer and it’s a way that I can express myself.

Activities: My activities are Student Council (Executive President), Key Club, National Honor Society, Boy Scouts, football and track.

Next steps: I plan on attending college to study business somewhere on the East Coast.

Career goals: My goals throughout my career are to become a successful businessman and later become manager of a company, own a nice house with a pool, and to have a healthy family.

Heroes: I would consider my hero to be my Dad. He inspired me to earn my Eagle, and he is always there to support me through my school work, sports, and any other activities I partake in.

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies are building Legos, playing with my dog, watching football and basketball, and hanging out with my friends.

Current Job(s): I am a lifeguard at the Palmer Pool.

Volunteer/community work: Volunteer/community work that I’ve done in the past were building garden boxes for my Eagle project, assisting at soup kitchens, working at Miracle League games and helping young Crusaders play football.

Likes: I like running, Legos, Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics, the Atlanta Falcons, PB&J sandwiches and fantasy football.

Dislikes: I dislike the Philadelphia 76ers, geometric proofs, Punnett squares, cheese, singing, stuffing and the color yellow.

Greatest accomplishment (so far): My greatest accomplishment so far was earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Advice for peers: Live in the present and take advantage of every moment.

Student profile subjects are selected by faculty and administration at the individual schools.