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Theater Review: MunOpCo shows the way ‘Into the Woods’

You’ve heard the stories. Maybe you have read them to your children. “Then what happened?” they might have asked.

What did happen after the main character’s wish was granted and the story closed with the universal conclusion, “And they lived happily ever after”?

Find out at MunOpCo Music Theatre’s production of “Into the Woods,” directed by Daniel Petrovich, which takes us on a rousing romp through the dark thickets of our imagination as a mash-up of familiar fairy tale characters intertwine their stories and create a lush undergrowth of delicious plot twists.

This classic production of “Into the Woods” with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, continues at 7 p.m. Feb. 23 and 24 and 2 p.m. Feb. 25, Scottish Rite Cathedral, 1533 Hamilton St., Allentown.

Cameron Kunsman as The Narrator stitches this tale into an enjoyable musical.

Nina Metrick is marvelous as The Witch, a multifaceted character that ties the plot together. Her musical talent is highlighted when she joins Deanna Mogianesi (Rapunzel) in “Stay With Me.”

Morgianesi develops her Rapunzel character beautifully. No wonder Rapuzel’s Prince (Ryan Zickafoose) is smitten with her.

Zickafoose adeptly develops his prince character into a believable and likable partner for Rapunzel.

Fred Broadbent (Mysterious Man) turns in a great performance as he appears in several scenes posing riddles before his true identity is revealed.

Alysssa Steiner is superlative as Cinderella. As Cinderella’s Step-mother, Lauren Erb is delightfully mean. Steiner and Cinderella’s Mother (Wendy Borst) sing one of the memorable songs of the play, “Cinderella at the Grave.”

Kudos to Connor Roberts in his superlative role as The Wolf. Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother (Victoria Spruiell) was well done.

Cinderella’s Father (Jack Warnke) is terrific.

Cinderella’s Prince (Jake Hare) gives some beautiful depth to the noticeably shallow prince character.

Step-sisters Florinda (Lana Brucker) and Lucinda (Shy Torres) are beautiful but insufferably rude to their little sister. And, of course, they have big feet.

Jack (Alejandro Rodriquez) is noteworthy in a key role as he faces the consequences of stealing from the Giant in the Beanstalk.

Jack’s mother (Moriah Faith) sparkles as she tries to instill some good sense in her impulsive son.

The Baker (Sean McFarland) and the Baker’s Wife (Miki Fuentes) are great fun to watch as they lend continuity to the multitude of characters that tell their story.

Angelina Dries’ talent shines as she brings her spunky attitude to her Little Red Riding Hood character.

Milky White (Angel D’Andrea) makes several appearances with her cow. As a milk maid, she is fun to watch.

The Steward is played with masterful surliness and self-importance by Tony Kohl.

The Giant, played by Carter Riechard, convincingly creates a larger-than-life character.

Maggie Toner as Sleeping Beauty is great. Mackenzie Alixander Hall’s Snow White is very lovely. Abby Roth’s Puppeteer was a delight to watch.

Lighting Designer Jonathan Tobia is credited for the terrific lighting, which complements the story and balances the dark forest scenes with those in more open lighting.

Sound Technician Kristi Wagner’s skill really shines when her Giant’s footsteps boom through the forest.

The set design is superlative. Credit goes to Rob Calder, Melissa Dorfinger, Don Hoegg and Jonathan Tobias.

Tickets: 610-437-2441; https://www.munopco.org/

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO “Into the Woods,” MunOpCo Music Theatre.