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First responders enjoy lunch with STM students

St. Thomas More students had an opportunity to interact with first responders over both lunch periods at the school Jan. 30.

St. Thomas More School Principal Amanda Salovay said the annual event sponsored by STM School serves several purposes: to put a human face on those who provide law enforcement, fire and medical services in the community, to make it easier for students to interact with adult strangers in a safe environment and to ask questions about what it’s like to work in community service positions.

There were no speeches or programmed interaction with the special lunch guests. About a dozen first responders sat informally among students as they ate lunch and the back-and-forth between the adults and students was genuine and friendly.

The first lunch period was interrupted after personnel from the Eastern and Western fire companies had to respond briefly to a call at the South Mall. They returned after the call and picked up where they left off.

As a thank you from the school, each first responder was given two shopping bags full of snacks, provided by parents, guardians and students, to take back to their quarters to share with their comrades.

PRESS PHOTO BY JIM MARSH St. Thomas More School fifth grade teacher Cassie Caliendo sits with Cetronia Ambulance Corps EMT Ezekial Waymer at a school luncheon with first responders Jan. 30 at the school.
Eastern Salisbury Fire Department fire police officers Rodger Schmoyer, left and Angel Rodriguez interact with St. Thomas More School students at a Jan. 30 luncheon.
Cetronia Ambulance Corps emergency medical technician Crystal Diaz listens to a student question at a Jan. 30 first responder luncheon at St. Thomas More School.
Eastern Salisbury Fire Department firefighters Kaysie Bauder, seated and Megan Fries, enjoy lunch with students at St. Thomas More School Jan. 30.
Longtime Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company crew member Jerry Royer shares a firefighting experience with a St. Thomas More student Jan. 30.
Salisbury Township Police Department chief Donald Sabo is a guest at a first responder lunch at St. Thomas More School Jan. 30.
Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company Chief Joshua Wells listens to a question posed by a student at a first responder luncheon Jan. 30 at St. Thomas More School.
Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Brianne Glad stands to applaud her fellow first responders at a St. Thomas More School luncheon Jan. 30.
Police, fire and medical first responders are shown with snack bags provided by St. Thomas More School parents, guardians and students at an appreciation luncheon Jan. 30.
After they attended early lunch at St. Thomas More School, Principal Amanda Salovay presents snack bags to Salisbury Police Department Cpl. Kevin Kress, left and School Resource Officer Richard Nothstein to share with fellow officers.