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Mama’s Musings - Mama’s Musings: Plans? What plans?

Planning is for naught in the face of life sometimes. The gaslight king is having another surgery, putting visits and child support in doubt once more.

The primary concern is keeping my youngest son busy, to lessen the impact of the missed visits.

The ex did not even mention his upcoming surgery to me. I heard about it from my older son. A message to my ex and his reply made me realize he is going to miss a minimum of two visits and at least a week or two of work.

I am taking another graduate class this semester. My intent of doing my schoolwork while my youngest is with his father instantly was lost.

I am not unfeeling. So the upcoming surgery is a bit concerning. But my compassion for my ex centers around his interaction with our sons. There are plenty of reasons for this, which I will not discuss here.

So I will cross my fingers that any shortfall in child support will be offset by the conclusion of my car insurance’s subrogation case against the driver who hit us, and I will get my deductible back.

Schoolwork will have to happen whenever I can work on it.

Without spending too much money, and without overdoing it, I will find some things for my youngest to do during the missed visit times.

It’s the best I can do, and it will have to be enough.