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Girls break Nazareth pool records

Parkland went into Nazareth recently for a showdown of two undefeated teams and left with a 114-72 win to become the last undefeated team standing in the EPC this season. In the process, Parkland swimmers also reset three pool records at Nazareth just as they did earlier in the season at Northampton.

In relays, the team of Sophia Cerimele, Milla Hahn, Sydney LaBaugh, and Kelsey McPeek won the 400-yard freestyle relay with a time of 3:45.46 to reset the pool record. The same foursome also won the 200-yard medley relay by :05.45 over a team from Nazareth. Parkland’s team of Mackenzie Platt, Dana Montone, Jordana Chung, and Kaley McKenzie finished third in the event.

Cerimele, LaBaugh, and McPeek also won two individual events each to finish with a sweep of the four events they competed in at Nazareth. Cerimele won the 100-yard butterfly and set a pool record in the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:09.22 to beat the record set last season by Moravian Academy’s Pepper Richey.

McPeek, a sophomore, won the 100-yard freestyle and set a pool record in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:06.29. The old record was set in 2016 by another Parkland swimmer, Ali Lin, who swam the event in 1:07.75.

“I have been working on my times in the 100 breaststroke,” said McPeek. “My goal is to get the Parkland record in the 100 breaststroke and I’m about two seconds off the current mark. I’m also working to get better times in the 100-yard freestyle, and I really want to help get my relay teams to states.”

McPeek’s best time is currently about two-seconds off of the school record time.

LaBaugh is a freshman and won the 200-yard freestyle by just over :10 with a time of 1:59.22 and also took the top time in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of :59.54 and a two-second margin of victory.

Hahn also had a good day when she added second place finishes in both the 100-yard breaststroke and the 200-yard IM. Ella Rafeld took the top spot in the 500-yard freestyle for Parkland with teammates Savannah Kareh and Kaley McKenzie finishing second and third, respectively. All three swimmers are sophomores.

Another sophomore, Johanna Cook won the diving event with a score of 191.00 ahead of freshman Sam Schultz, who finished with a score of 188.20.

McPeek’s mom is also the coach of the Parkland team, something that can be difficult for a young athlete to navigate. After some early jitters, the arrangement has worked out well.

“I wasn’t sure how it would work and it’s a little weird, but I don’t mind it,” said the younger McPeek. “It’s not really that different when she’s coaching or when she’s being my mom. She’s always been supportive and has coached me all along.”

Parkland 114, Nazareth 72

200 medley relay: 1. Parkland (Sydney LaBaugh, Kelsey McPeek, Sophia Cerimele, Milla Han) 1:48.74, 2. Nazareth 1:54.19, 3. Parkland (Ella Rafeld, Taylor Coombe, Julianne Zaffiro, Madison Roseman) 2:01.16;

200 freestyle: 1. Sydney LaBaugh (P) 1:59.22, 2. Kayia Ciacci (N) 2:09.27, 3. Mackenzie Platt (P) 2:09.95;

200 individual medley: 1. Sophia Cerimele (P) 2:09.22, 2. Milla Han (P) 2:15.27, 3. Sydney Valvano (N) 2:27.35;

50 freestyle: 1. Ava Palochik (N) 25.65, 2. Cameron Alvino (N) 26.02, 3. Vivian Werner (N) 26.39;

Diving: 1. Johann Cook (P) 191.0, 2. Sam Schultz (P) 188.2, 3. Sophia Gorman (N) 161.8;

100 butterfly: 1. Sophia Cerimele (P) 58.35, 2. Kyla Spengler (N) 1:00.88, 3. Taylor Coombe (P) 1:05.62;

100 freestyle: 1. Kelsey McPeek (P) 56.56, 2. Alvino Cameron (N) 56.69, 3. Madison Roseman (P) 57.91;

500 freestyle: 1. Ella Rafeld (P) 5:48.83, 2. Savannah Kareha (P) 5:56.66, 3. Kaley McKenzie (P) 5:58.73;

200 freestyle relay: 1. Nazareth (Ava Palochik, Kyla Spengler, Cameron Alvino, Vivian Werner) 1:42.98, 2. Parkland (Madison Roseman, Mackenzie Platt, Julianne Zaffiro, Ella Rafeld) 1:48.47, 3. Nazareth 2:01.31;

100 backstroke: 1. Sydney LaBaugh (P) 59.54, 2. Kyla Spengler (N) 1:01.87, 3. Ava Palochik (N) 1:04.57;

100 breaststroke: 1. Kelsey McPeek (P) 1:06.29, 2. Milla Hahn (P) 1:10.49, 3. Sydney Valvano (N) 1:14.88;

400 freestyle relay: 1. Parkland (Sophia Cerimele, Kelsey McPeek, Milla Hahn, Sydney LaBaugh) 3:45.46, 2. Nazareth 4:01.75, 3. Parkland (Mackenzie Platt, Dana Montone, Jordan Chung, Kaley McKenzie) 4:20.33;

Parkland 138, Dieruff 10

200 medley relay: 1. Parkland (Jordana Chung, Madison Roseman, Milla Hahn, Savannah Kareha) 2:04.63, 2. Parkland (Julianna Herrera, Kelsey McPeek, Taylor Coombe, Daniella Aplicano) 2:16.09;

200 freestyle: 1. Julianne Zaffiro (P) 2:10.4, 2.Ella Rafeld (P) 2:11.6, 3. Kaley McKenzie (P);

200 individual medley: 1. Kelsey McPeek (P) 2:22.32, 2. Taylor Coombe (P) 2:30.0, 3. Mackenzie Platt (P) 2:40.55;

50 freestyle: 1. Milla Hahn (P) 26.65, 2. Abbie Boyer (P) 29.38, 3. Dana Montone (P) 29.6;

Diving: 1. Ella Stauter (P) 142.55, 2. Madison Stout (P) 107.0;

100 butterfly: 1. Madison Roseman (P) 1:04.61, 2. Kylie Faust (P) 1:18.22, 3. Dana Montone (P) 1:19.52;

100 freestyle: 1. Mackenzie Platt (P) 1:00.35, 2. Jordana Chung (P) 1:04.03, 3. Taylor Coombe (P) 1:04.98;

500 freestyle: 1. Savannah Kareha (P) 5:52.81, 2. Julianna Herrera (P) 7:11.75;

200 freestyle relay: 1. Parkland (Kelsey McPeek, Mackenzie Platt, Ella Rafeld, Madison Roseman) 1:51.96, 2. Parkland (Julianne Zaffiro, Jordana Chung, Kaley McKenzie, Anna Khais) 1:58.26;

100 backstroke: 1. Milla Hahn (P) 1:02.9, 2. Ella Rafeld (P) 1:08.5, 3. Jordana Chung (P) 1:12.63;

100 breaststroke: 1. Julianna Zaffiro (P) 1:16.44;

400 freestyle relay: 1. Parkland (Madison Roseman, Milla Hahn, Julianne Zaffiro, Kelsey McPeek) 3:59.46, 2. Parkland (Mackenzie Platt, Anna Khais, Dana Montone, Ella Rafeld) 4:27.23, 3. Parkland (Kaley McKenzie, Kaavya Rao, Julianna Herrera, Kylie Faust) 4:52.59.

PRESS FILE PHOTO Kelsey McPeek was one of two Parkland swimmers to break pool records in a recent meet at Nazareth.