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Will Snoop Hogg find a forever home for the holidays?


Special to The Press

There is an unexpected celebrity in the Lehigh Valley who captured the attention of the IronPigs, animal lovers and the national media.

Snoop Hogg, a 6-month-old pig, has spent the last month at the Sanctuary at Haafsville, Upper Macungie, waiting for his forever home. His story begins elsewhere, however.

Jayne Anne Bissell, dog rescuer for the Sanctuary, first saw Snoop Hogg a couple of months ago during a routine visit to Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly).

He was brought there after being found wandering the streets of the city.

It is not uncommon to find pigs at Philadelphia rescues, Bissell said.

They are often used as bait for dog fighting, which is the leading theory of what happened to Snoop Hogg.

Her first thoughts were a farm rescue would step-up and take him in.

Three weeks later, she returned to ACCT Philly and saw him again.

“He looked pretty skinny and depressed,” Bissell told The Press during an interview on Nov 30.

She decided to take him back with her to Sanctuary at Haafsville after being told all local rescues were filled.

Snoop Hogg has spent the last few weeks recuperating from severe mange and a health issue with his eye.

A “spotlight” post on the Sanctuary’s social media about “the office pig,” as he is affectionately known, caught the attention of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball team.

The team donated $750 on Nov. 27 to cover Snoop Hogg’s veterinary costs, for which Bissell and the rescue are extremely grateful.

That donation caught the attention of local and national news media, even the online edition of People Magazine, Bissell told The Press on Dec. 3.

“There have been several applications for his adoption,” Bissell said.

“We will be doing home checks and hope to have him with his forever family for the holidays.”

Bissell would like the attention focused on Snoop Hogg’s story to put a spotlight on the work rescues do.

“Hopefully people will realize how rescuers are at their limit, both physically and financially, and it can shed some light on the number of pigs, dogs and cats being dumped, she said.

As for now, Snoop Hogg remains her companion at the rescue. Bissell describes him as affectionate and loves to give kisses.

“I’m going to miss him,” Bissell said.

There are currently 150 cats and kittens, and 48 dogs available for adoption at the Sanctuary of Haafsville, 901 Nestle Way, Breinigsville. More information is available at thesanctuarypa.org.

PRESS PHOTO COURTESY THE SANCTUARY AT HAAFSVILLE Jayne Anne Bissell has been caring for Snoop Hogg at the Sanctuary of Haafsville, Upper Macungie. She says he is affectionate and loves to give kisses.
Now resting on a comfortable blanket, Philadelphia expatriate Snoop Hogg has spent the last few weeks recuperating from severe mange and an eye issue at the Sanctuary at Haafsville.