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Mama’s Musings - Happy

When you’ve been alive long enough, birthdays become a bit banal. My most recent one, happening during a busy time of year as usual, and an extraordinarily stressful year this year, didn’t seem like much to look forward to. So I made a choice the week before the big day. Deliberate Happiness.

After all, happiness is a state of mind. It’s also a choice. Admittedly, one that would be easier if I had both more money and a lot more patience. But the key is to go minute by minute, hour by hour, and make the best of things.

Was the afternoon warm? That’s a happy thing. Did I do something good or helpful? That’s a happy thing to. Was someone kind to me? Again, happy.

I came home on an unexpected evening off expecting to have to deal with a sink full of dishes. But the sink was empty, thanks to my older son.

Watching my youngest progress in his acting? Awesome. Watching the play rehearsals? Absolutely amazing.

Being told I don’t need to bring in treats to work on my birthday because “it’s already covered.” Very happy.

No, life is not perfect. Hint; don’t even try for perfect, it’s a fantasy. But it’s good enough for today.

Heck, here’s to the next 53 years. Why not?