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North Catty residents face possible 2024 tax increase

North Catasauqua Borough Council discussed a fee increase for residents in the 2024 general fund budget during the Nov. 6 meeting. A proposed budget suggested two noticeable increases for residents - a 1.3% millage increase and a trash collection rate increase to $435 per household.

The current millage rate is set to 15.2%, which was a 1.5% tax increase from 2022. The new proposed millage rate would now be 16.5%. Annette Englert, who is filling the treasurer position part time, said this comes as no shock, as inflation levels have steadily risen the past year.

As for the household trash collection rate, the borough’s contract is up in two years and costs are increasing. Instead of having one large increase at the end of the contract, the borough is adding a $35 increase each year until that point.

The borough’s expense side of the budget will also see some shifts. Public works Supervisor Travis Brett requested new steel doors to replace rusted doors throughout the borough.

A motion was made to replace Brett’s work vehicle, which is about 15 years old. The borough is looking to place a deposit on the vehicle by the end of the year so that the funds can come from the 2023 liquid fuels fund and the second half of the cost coming from the 2024 budget.

The expense budget will need to accommodate the police administration assistant transitioning from part time to full time. The police department will also be adding a member to bring the force up to seven officers. A full-time police officer position is being advertised by the borough.

More information can be found at northcatasauqua.org/news.

The fire department will need an increase in the vehicle maintenance line item of its budget and an increase in radios due to the new operating system with the county.

The general fund budget has been set to approximately $2.54 million, and the council approved a motion to begin advertising to the public. A motion was also made to advertise the sewer fund budget, which has taken into account the estate increase with 25 new homes in Willowbrook and new subdivisions throughout North Catasauqua.

In other news, police Chief Chris Wolfer reported the department attended Moravian University to host a Stop the Bleed course for students.

Fire Chief Roger Scheirer was honored with the 2023 Outstanding Municipal Employee award. The ceremony took place Nov. 2 and was hosted by Northampton County Executive Lamont G. McClure and the Department of Community and Economic Development.

President Peter Paone, who was able to attend the ceremony, said he was “delighted” to see the chief get his well-deserved recognition. The nomination letter has been posted to the borough’s website for the public to read and honor Scheirer for all of the work he does for the community.

North Catasauqua Borough Council will next meet 7 p.m. Nov. 20 in the borough building, 1066 Fourth St.