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Willow Lane students enjoy trunk or treat at school

‘No!”, Matthew Rizzuto answered when The Press asked if he was looking forward to next year’s trunk or treat event at Willow Lane Elementary School.

Confused, The Press asked “why?” Apparently, Rizzuto had so much fun that he doesn’t want to wait another year for his school to hold another Halloween event.

This is the first time the school has held a trunk or treat, with over 150 students registered to attend.

The evening was split into two parts: trunk or treat, followed by an outdoor movie. The students voted for “Hocus Pocus.”

The Press spoke to PTO President Jessica Nicholson about the Halloween festivities.

“We have 26 families that did the trunks. We sold tickets for this event. All the money goes right back into the PTO. This is just a cost recovering type of event,” Nicholson explained.

She continued, “The funds go to the PTO. We fund field trips. We pay for buses. We also pay for all of the events that happen for the kids.” The school also had help from a few Emmaus High School volunteers, who managed the snack bar.

One of those volunteers, Emma Klinedinst, who had previously volunteered at Willow Lane Elementary School at the color run two years ago, was happy to be back.

She explained to The Press, “I saw the opportunity in the club that I’m in, which is Key Club for the high school and I just decided it would be good to help out in my community. And I thought it would be fun. I love Halloween-time.”

Jeanette Shoemaker, one of the parents who helped with a trunk, had a very simple answer for The Press on why she decided to take part in the Halloween festivities:

“The school does a lot of family-friendly events. And this is a safe way to enjoy trick or treat with the kids. It gets all of the age groups together and all the parents hanging out. It’s a great time!”

Press Photos by Marieke Andronache The inaugural trunk or treat at Willow Lane Elementary School is underway at the school Oct. 28.
Brothers Asher and Elijah Beckstead are having fun collecting candy.
Press Photos by Marieke Andronache Edwin Figueroa, Samantha Doyle and Alana Doyle enjoy the event.
Sama Bella, Sait Bella, Xara Bella, Jenna Bella and Jad Bella are dressed for the occasion.
Tevi Williams and Gracie Ropp are enjoying the Halloween-themed event.
Louise Frant and Amelia Crouse are having fun getting Halloween candy.
Ellie Hausmann, Caroline Ott, Emily Ott, Lily Gualano, Vari Gougoustamos Emma Scheffel and Athena Gougoustamos are in their Halloween best for a night of costumed fun.
Jeanette Shoemaker and her son, Gabe Shoemaker, enjoy the festivities.
William and Matthew Rizzuto can't wait for the next trunk or treat at Willow Lane Elementary School.