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Letter to the Editor: We must work together

To the Editor:

In response to a recent letter that advocated on my behalf to run as a write-in candidate for Catasauqua Borough Council in this past Tuesday’s election, I gladly accepted the nomination and thank those who chose to vote for me. While I am humbled by the support, I must state, however, that I do not condone the negativity expressed toward the other candidates and incumbents in the letter. We must remember that each of us who runs for office wants what is best for our town, and while we all have different approaches and beliefs to how this can be accomplished, we must all agree to work with one another to build a better community.

I believe the residents of Catasauqua deserve from council its best work, modest pride, earnest faith and deepest loyalty and to remain civil toward its fellow man, regardless of disagreements over how to best manage the town.

I am hopeful this will be the case with the new assortment of council members.

Robert Zakos Jr.