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Letter to the Editor: Keep Smith off Catty council

To the Editor:

Vince Smith is wrong for Catasauqua. I find it astonishing he is even considering running for public office again.

After 16 years of his shenanigans, he was finally voted off borough council in 2021. I was among many who cheered and celebrated his departure.

During those years, he was the ringleader among past incarnations of our council who now have allegations swirling against them about mishandling budgetary funds. The building of a monstrous new borough hall, getting us involved in the dead-end Iron Works project and buying the money-pit George Taylor House are among just a few examples of how our town kept borrowing more and more money with no plan to repay it.

This led our town to almost declare bankruptcy. Instead, our property taxes were doubled to help fix those past mistakes.

Now, Vince Smith insults us residents by attempting to get back on council, thinking we have all forgotten the debt he helped us get into. Just keep borrowing, right, Vince? No, thank you. I, for one, do not want to go through this again.

Keep Vince Smith off council!

Stacie Williams