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Another View: Embrace our differences this Halloween season

“Halloween, a day when we get it right. Strangers come to us beautiful, ugly, odd or scary, and we accept them all without question, compliment them, treat them kindly and give them good things. Why don’t we live like that?”

This quote is attributed to Steve Garnaas-Holmes, a poet, songwriter and retired United Methodist pastor who lives in Maine.

This quote struck me as especially fitting for the world right now. War is raging across the globe, causing an uptick in aggression and hate in our country. Even our elected leaders are at odds and can’t seem to agree on the best course of action for the American people.

The wars between Israel and Hamas and Ukraine and Russia continue to take their toll and spread hate and anger around the world. There are reports of hate crimes being committed across the country. The Lehigh Valley is no exception. A recent bomb scare at a synagogue brought parts of Allentown to a stop.

Growing up, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Even in my 30s, I spend all of October watching scary movies and enjoying the “spooky season.” However, the fear gripping our country right now is a different beast. Instead of the traditional adrenaline-inducing scare brought on by horror films, haunted houses and Halloween decorations, we are dealing with heart-wrenching, paralyzing, real-world terror.

Let us all strive to live life in alignment with Garnaas-Holmes’ quote, and instead of lashing out or running away from those different from us, let us embrace them, bring them into the fold and accept them for who they are.

Instead of building up barriers and pushing people away, let us take off our own masks and let the world see us for our true selves. Show off your scars and welcome other with scars of their own.

In our own small way, we can make a difference and combat some of the ugliness in the world right now by putting good out there. This Halloween season, take the time to share positivity with the community and those around you.

Let us enjoy putting on our fun or scary costumes and indulge in fantasy and sweet treats. Let us put on those porch lights and greet trick-or-treaters with excitement and Halloween goodies.

Most of all, let us embrace, accept, appreciate and love our fellow humans, no matter what they look like or where they come from.

Be safe this Halloween season.

Samantha Anderson

editorial assistant

Whitehall-Coplay Press

Northampton Press

Catasauqua Press