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Helipad relocation

The possible relocation of a helipad for St. Luke’s Hospital - Anderson Campus was the subject of a conditional use hearing during Bethlehem Township’s Sept. 18 Board of Commissioners meeting.

Steven Boell, attorney for St. Luke’s, “the ultimate goal of this project is to take the helipad from its existing location and give it to the roof of the new building.”

Hospital Vice-President of Strategic Development Ray Midlam testified in support of the relocation of the helipad. He explained Anderson Campus cares for critically ill children and infants. The helipad is used to help transfer patients who need specialized care.

Midlam elaborated on the details of the new third wing, expanding care facilities to the region. As for the helipad, he said, “basically right now, where the helipad is located will be part of the construction zone, site, which will be disturbed during construction, so we are looking to move that out temporarily a few yards to the northeast.”

Both Boell and Midlam argued that once construction is finished, the helipad will find a permanent home on the roof of the new tower, which according to Midlam provides “a more controlled environment, a more safe environment.” The flight paths will also be consistent with those approved back in 2018.

Adam Maziuk, Senior Director of Business Development with St. Luke’s, testified on the importance of the helipad being on the roof, “for crew and patient safety.”

Maziuk, who previously was a paramedic for 25 years, went into detail about the advantages of the helipad being on the roof, from easy access to the medical facility to safety concerns in transporting patients.”

One resident, Barry Roth, testified against the plan, raising personal concerns over the path of the helicopters.

Roth told the board, “You don’t live in the flight pattern. It shakes the house.”

No action was taken by the board. It is expected to be on Oct. 3’s agenda.

Press photo by Marieke Andronache St. Luke's attorney Steven Boell addresses Bethlehem Township Board of Commissioners at the start of the Sept. 18 conditional use hearing to relocate a helipad.