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CELTIC FEST 9-22to 24 you should know briefs


Sept. 22: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sept. 23: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 24 in downtown historic Bethlehem, Conestoga, Spring, Main and Lehigh streets areas. Information, schedules, directions, volunteer opportunities: visit Twitter (@CelticClassic); Facebook (facebook.com/CelticClassic); celticfest.org; Festival map: visit celticfest.org/celtic-classic-map/ and celticfest.org/


Celtic Classic is cashless

Cash will not be accepted for food or beverage purchases at the 2023 event. Guests may use credit and debit cards, Celtic Classic gift cards, and Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. Tokens may be purchased in advance at celticfest.org/giftcards_tokens/

Cash may be used to purchase Celtic Classic gift cards at one of the booths located in Grand Pavilion and Tavern in the Glen. Gift cards may be used for food & beverage purchases. Retail merchants will not accept gift cards.


Drum Major competitions

Since the early 1600s, Drum Majors have been entrusted with the dress, deportment and discipline of regimental bands. Initially they were the main instructor to “The Drums” or “Military Music.”

The event opens with dress inspections (uniform and deportment). Then, from the Halt, they slow march, then signal a change of tempo to the Quick March. In quick time they may Walk, Roll or Flourish. They execute a number of Counter-Marches, Mark-Time, Halt and Cutoff. They are judged on execution of the commands, keeping time, marching, body carriage and mace movements.

2023 Competing Drum Majors: Patrick Dowd of Glens Falls, New York; Scott Chadwick of Bedford, New Jersey; Bruce Harkness, of Brimfield, Massachusetts; William Bullard of Fall River, Massachusetts; Jason Matteson of Nashville, Tennessee; Paul Ritchie of Ludlow, Massachusetts; and Andrew Sheedy of Syracuse, New York. The competition is at 2:30 p.m. Sept. 23 on Highland Field.

‘Showing of the Tartan’

(visit https://celticfest.org/showing-of-the-tartan-parade/), City hall step-off: 11:30 a.m. Sept. 23. Ends on Highland Field with opening ceremonies. Clans and Societies, competing Grade 4 Pipe Bands, Liberty HS Grenadier Band; Freedom HS Patriot Band; Bangor High School Slater Band; five stages feature international, national and regional artists; Celtic Classic Invitational Pipe Band Competition; U.S. National Highland Games Championships; Border Collie demos, live world music, haggis and fiddle competitions; Celtic merchandise and collectibles; clans and societies, cultural children’s activity area. Festival map: https://celticfest.org/celtic-classic-map/

Pet reminder

Celtic Fest advises no animals except those that are specifically trained to aid a disabled person defined under the American Disabilities Act are allowed to noise, crowds and hot pavements. Visit celticfest.org/ for more information.


The Celtic Classic grounds are wheelchair-accessible. Due to the large size and natural terrain, it can be difficult to navigate the grounds with a wheelchair. You must have a state-issued placard to park in the limited street handicapped reserved parking spaces. Handicapped parking is available on Conestoga and Lehigh streets. For more information, visit www.celticfest.org/festival-directions-shuttle-and-parking/

Festival map

visit https://celticfest.org/celtic-classic-map

First Aid

Locations: Grand Courtyard on Spring Street (see map). First Aid only. If additional treatment is necessary, an ambulance will transport you to the hospital. Charges will be made by the appropriate hospital and ambulance service. First Aid stations sponsored by Lehigh Valley Network, Bethlehem.

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PRESS PHOTO BY MARK KIRLIN The Ceol Neamh Pipe Band's drum corps and midsection marches by during the 2022 Celtic Fest parade. Each pipe band is made up of two parts that include bagpipes with the other part called the drum corps and midsection.