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Police investigating residential burglary in Greenwich Twp



State Police Troop L, Hamburg, is investigating a residential burglary which occurred 5:45 p.m. Aug. 4 along Dotterer Road, Greenwich Township, Berks County.

According to police, an 84-year-old man opened his back door to a man who stated he was there to install fiber optic lines.

The man then walked the homeowner through the house and onto the front porch.

At this time, an unknown number of other suspects entered the home, looking for any items they wanted to take, police say.

Police say while going through the home, the suspects took a safe containing several items and place it into a truck parked outside.

The homeowner, who was brought back inside after the burglary was completed, told police he saw two trucks, one of which was white in color, driving away from his home.

Police say the black in color safe is reported to be more than 100 years old and has a Dietrick Bro’s label on the front.

Anyone with information about this burglary is asked to contact Trooper Davis at 610-562-6885.