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LMMS: What can you make with noodles, a marshmallow and tape?

PRESS PHOTOS BY SHARON SCHRANTZ Lower Macungie Middle School held an activity night recently with lots for the students to do including music, snacks, selfie wall, basketball tournament, Ping-Pong, movie, trivia, STEM marshmallow challenge, crafts and baking/cooking going on in various locations of the school. Over 90 students signed up to attend. ABOVE: Georgia Hoffman, Jocelynn Spengler and Megan Martino attend the Lower Macungie Middle School activity night and take some time to play board games.
Cale Pramik, Liam Burton Adams and Nikhil Sharma enjoy various activities at the gym during activity night at Lower Macungie Middle School.
Jada Yeh, Hailey Moore and Isabella Storlie spend time creating some awesome food.
Skylar Andreas and Sarabeth Mesko prepare to make a structure with noodles, a marshmallow and tape for the STEM marshmallow challenge.
Garen Chapkovich prepares to take on the STEM marshmallow challenge with noodles, a marshmallow and tape.