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Lawrence officially takes Sourbeck’s seat

“I decided to run for commissioner because I’ve been here for over 10 years and I believe in the ideals of our community,” explained newly-appointed Commissioner DeAnn L. Lawrence at the April 3 Bethlehem Township Commissioners’ meeting.

A correctional officer for over 20 years in New Jersey, Lawrence spoke to The Press about her predecessor, the late Dale Sourbeck.

“He took me around, showed me places which I had never even seen or knew about in all the years I’ve been here. And I’ve talked to a lot of the people in the community and he mentored me. He said ‘you know, I want you to go for my seat.’

“As you know, unfortunately he passed. He taught me a lot and I really want to do what’s best for the community.”

Lawrence added, “You can make a difference caring about your community and caring about what your community needs. And that little step, those little steps brings you to bigger questions that need to be answered by officials.

“You want newer people because you don’t want the same old people in office with the same old topics and the status quo remaining. So I just felt as though with some newer people and new ideas that I’ve already talked to them about, that I’m excited about. We’ll be able to bring the township to the next plateau.”

Press photo by Marieke Andronache DeAnn L. Lawrence is sworn in as Bethlehem Township Commissioner (First Ward) by Laura Zabata, Bethlehem Township's executive assistant.