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Master Gardener Dautrich presents seedling program

Master Gardener Lynn Dautrich presented the program “Starting Vegetable Seedlings Indoors” at Parkland Garden Club’s February meeting.

Dautrich has been involved with gardening since he was a junior in high school.

He owned a registered organic farm with his wife in Quebec, Canada.

He has been an organic gardener since 1977 and a Master Gardener for the past 15 years. Currently, he presents programs to garden clubs, businesses and private organizations.

Dautrich talked about the benefits of starting seeds indoors.

He covered the whole process of starting seeds indoors, from determining the right time to start planting, to getting the plants ready to be taken outdoors (hardening).

He talked about the types of soilless mixture, the lighting and the techniques that have worked for him, as an organic gardener.

Dautrich brought a lot of humor to his presentation and the PGC members really enjoyed his presentation.

PRESS PHOTO COURTESY PGC Master Gardener Lynn Dautrich presented his program “Starting Vegetable Seedlings Indoors” to Parkland Garden Club members at their February meeting.