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Sheckler science fair

Sheckler Elementary School fourth-grader Gabe Sparacello shows his project to his brother Tanner at the school's science fair, held March 9.
Fourth-graders Alistair Murray, Collin Gillespie, Avery Tomecek and Nour Mamara appear to be trapped in a space bubble at the science fair photo booth.
Keats Ramstine's project disproved his theory that toothpaste does not protect tooth enamel.
Sheckler Principal Dr. Robert Kucharczuk joins in on the fun with Aaron and Atticus Alcade in steering balls using computer tablets.
Stephen Gass joins Alex and Jacob Bernini to construct an unsupported bridge using wooden sticks.
PRESS PHOTOS BY DONNA GEWERTZ Fabiana Rengifo Ampuero proudly displays her science project at the fair.
Students learn “what goes up must come down” as their wooden tower comes tumbling down, after being measured at 7 feet.
A group of students focuses on steering Ping-Pong balls through an obstacle course using computer tablets.
Family and friends of Sheckler fourth-grade students attend the school's annual science fair in the gym and cafeteria.