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Fastnacht lovers wake early for trip to Mary Ann’s


Special to The Press

For those who were out and about Tuesday morning, Feb. 21, Fastnacht Day began early at 5 a.m. when patrons were already lined up at Mary Ann Donut Kitchen, 1601 Liberty St., Allentown.

The doughnut store crew had been making fastnachts since the day before.

By Tuesday morning, they had made more than 26,000 fastnachts - either plain, covered with powdered sugar or granulated sugar.

Owner Tommy Thompson was on hand to greet the fastnacht lovers who had left their homes in search of the perfect Lenten treat.

Employee Michael O’Boyle was continually bringing the taste tempting delicacies to the area where they were being sold.

Customers were on hand to purchase the delicious doughy treats to celebrate the beginning of Lent and enjoy with their morning coffee.

Sue Marshall, Jackie Stine, and Megan Shannon, employees of Mary Ann Donut Kitchen, were working at the counter selling the fastnachts. PRESS PHOTOS BY ANITA HIRSCH
Rolling cart filled with fastnachts is ready to be taken to the display from which they are bagged or boxed and sold.