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‘Medallion Island’ explored at Willow Lane

“Medallion Island” brought gamesmanship to the stage at Willow Lane Elementary School March 9 and 10.

Floyd and three friends play an old game found in his grandparents’ house. They are soon transported into the real life game of “Medallion Island” as game characters with different strengths and weaknesses.

In order to not be trapped in this alternate world forever, these unwitting contestants need to collect five gold medallions from different parts of the island and return them to the tree of life without losing too many turns.

Written by Deb Campbell and her daughter Kenzi, the musical features a large cast. Campbell directs the Willow Lane Elementary School production aided by assistant directors Amy Grubb and Stacy Kusko.

“The idea for ‘Medallion Island’ was born almost a year ago, inspired by my son Jack’s love for ‘Jumanji,’” Campbell said.

“We all have strengths and weaknesses, and it’s only by working together that we can succeed,” Grubb said about the play’s message.

“That spirit of teamwork is what it takes to make a production like this come to life,” she added.

Four friends start playing “Medallion Island,” an old game they find, unaware it is about to transport them to an alternate reality. From left are Macey (Cate Kusko), Samson (Nate Longyhore), Annie (Cassidy Thornton) and Floyd (John Hausmann).
At center, champion racer Tara Tamale (Maddie Hipp) leads a performance of “I Was Born to Race” in the Sugar Slopes area of the island.
PRESS PHOTOS BY ED COURRIER Dancers perform “Welcome to the Jungle” around the island's Tree of Life.
Contestant Jessie Raccoon McDonald (Bennet Stanziola), at left, is challenged to a dancing duel by Ted the Terrible (Sarah Grubb) when he and his friends arrive in Pirate Port.
PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIER The contestants gather at doors sporting riddles as dancer Linetta (Alexandra Longyhore), in the foreground, flits past them in the Magical Forest. In back, from left are Ashley Force Hood (Bailey Thornton), Inferno (Asher Causa), Dr. Athena Mustang (Chelsea Ziatyk), Prof. Frederik Milton (Ishaan Kataria) and Jesse Raccoon McDonald (Bennett Stanziola). Story and additional photos appear on Page A5.
Young Willow Lane Elementary School actors gather for a cast photo ahead of rehearsal March 7.