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Upper Lehigh Historical Society to host basket fundraiser


Special to The Press

What happens when the family log house, which is more than 250 years old needs a roof repair?

In this case, the Upper Lehigh Historical Society is having a brand name basket and more benefit for the Schneck House.

Schneck cousin, Gail Miller of Pennsville, N.J., a former home consultant, has donated her inventory of 140 name-brand baskets, pottery and wrought iron items, liners and protectors.

All items will be displayed and on sale 9 a.m.-4 p.m. March 18 at the Schnecksville Grange, 5322 Route 873.

The Upper Lehigh Historical Society, a 501(c) 3, is a group of members dedicated to the preservation and education of the Schneck House.

Built in the mid 1750s, it is an original house.

There is German 4 square garden, a stove pavilion that permits cooking with a cast-iron kettle, and a goat barn.

Historical society members are appreciative of Ironton Telephone/Global Company CEO Pat Stewart and staff who provided a room with space to prepare the fundraising wares.

Also, thanks goes to the Schnecksville Grange for providing a bigger place to have the fundraiser.

Upper Lehigh Historical Society President Adam Schneck says it has been an honor leading the group for the past several years.

“Having an ancestral connection to the Schneck House, I feel it is my duty to ensure its continued existence,” Schneck said. “With a vision for the property and the organization, we face how important the house is to us but also to the local community.

“Please help us preserve this piece of early American history that is right in your yard.”

Everyone is invited stop by the Schnecksville Grange on March 18 to see the many brand-name baskets and more benefit.

There will be baskets from the series of flowers, herbs, sweethearts, Hope or Cancer, sampling of all the holidays and a huge variety from small to large.

Cash, credit card or PayPal will be accepted.

For more information, call Nancy at 215-679-6687.

PRESS PHOTOS COURTESY UPPER LEHIGH HISTORICAL SOCIETY The Schneck House is located along Route 873, Schnecksville, across the road from Weis market.
Rose Beck, Pat Stewart, Karen Panik, Nancy Werner, Shirley Schneck and Carol Schneck show some of the items for sale.
Sonia Fink, Pat Stewart, Karen Panik, Nancy Werner, Ann Heiser and Carol Schneck prepare items for the fundraiser.