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Twelfth Night celebration

George Taylor House volunteers and family members assembled at a Twelfth Night celebration and dinner Jan. 7 at the Lehigh and Poplar streets, Catasauqua, historic mansion. This date was selected because it fell on a Saturday.

Twelfth Night is a Christian holiday, usually celebrated Jan. 5. It marks the 12th and final night of the Christmas season and the coming of the Epiphany. It is believed all Christmas decorations should be removed on the Twelfth Night so as not to bring bad luck upon the home.

GTH board chair Jason Kern, of Bethlehem, was dressed smartly in 18th-century garb. He said the evening event was also a volunteer appreciation dinner for the dedicated volunteers.

Darcy, Emersyn and Roarke Goldberg, of Boyertown, dressed for the occasion in their 18th-century attire.

The GTH summer house fireplace was tended to by volunteer Helen Schaller, who was cooking George Washington’s onion soup. The soup is made from the recipe dating to the original recipe in the 18th century found in Washington’s Mount Vernon estate recipe book.

In addition to the soup, the 5 p.m. dinner featured ham with fixings, fruit and cake and pies for dessert. There were also beer and fruit wines served that were common drinks in the 18th century.

Kern appeared delighted with the ambience of the home and the preparation for the Twelfth Night dinner. He talked about the progress the GTH committee made during 2022. Talk drifted at one point toward the paranormal activities that have been occurring at the house the past few years.

During 2022, paranormal investigators were invited to the mansion twice to track celestial activities in the house. Paranormal action was reportedly found.

Volunteers Christine Roca and Sheila Martin, helped in the preparation of decorating the home for the celebration and added to the festive occasion dressed in their 18th-century dresses and accessories.

It is remarkable having a Christmas season celebration in an 18th-century atmosphere without radio, television and any other modern technology. At that time, the only light at nighttime came from candles and lamps. Those who attended the 18th-century-themed event at the GTH enjoyed a delicious dinner, singing, storytelling and games, all by candlelight and the warmth of fireplaces.

PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. Sheila Martin, Christine Roca and Jason Kern, dressed in 18th-century attire, gather in the dining room of the George Taylor House, Lehigh and Poplar streets, Catasauqua, during a Twelfth Night celebration Jan. 7.
Helen Schaller tends to the fire as she cooks George Washington's onion soup in preparation for the event.
Emersyn, Roarke and Darcy Goldberg, of Boyertown, dressed in 18th-century attire, gather for a photo outside at the George Taylor House, Lehigh and Poplar streets, Catasauqua, during a Twelfth Night celebration Jan. 7.
PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. A lemon centerpiece is arranged on the dinner table, adding to the ambience of the evening.