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Student art on display

Liberty HS students and their teachers were present Thursday evening, Jan. 12, to display their creative works. Traditional mediums such as ceramics/clay, pencils, charcoal and oil paints only be seen incorporated with more modern mediums such as crayons, feathers and plastics. Photography and digital arts were also displayed.

Several students were on hand to talk about their art.

Senior Jadalize Lamboy eagerly explained the motivation behind her art. She works in several different mediums, including oil paints, pencil, ceramics and even crayon. Lamboy communicates through her art in a way that gives visual meaning to her feelings. Lamboy has applied to Moore College of Art and Design and would like to be an art teacher, like her role model, Mrs. Landis.

Lamboy explained, “At first, I wanted to be an artist and just focus on making art, but Mrs. Landis showed me that teaching art is a great way to share artistic passion.”

Fellow senior Taya Scott was available to show and talk about her ceramics. Scott, too, is planning to go to school for art.

Liberty plans to hold its spring art show at the end of the second semester.

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Junior Isabella Cannan shows her work at Liberty HS winter Art Show.
Ceramic bowl made by Isabella Cannan.
Senior Taya Scott plans to study art after high school.
A ceramic basket made by Taya Scott.
Taking it all in. Students and family members admire the student art at Liberty HS art show.
Liberty HS Art teachers Heidi Landis, Nancy Lewis, Beth McFadden and Kim Tanzo.
Liberty HS senior Jadalize Lamboy stands near an assortment of her art, including a self-portrait in oil, a pencil drawing and a 3D crayon drawing.
PRESS PHOTOS BY JENN RAGO “Second Parent” by Jadalize Lamboy, a three-dimensional drawing; and the medium is crayon.