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‘Our doors are always open’

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Boys and Girls Club of Bethlehem resumed one of its major fundraisers, the Steak & Burger dinner, on Oct. 20 in the main ballroom of the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. Nearly 180 board members, sponsors, alumni, club members, staff and guests attenddd what was the best attended event in some time.

The premise that adults eat hamburgers and club members eat steak doesn’t hold true for long as many of the young club members present trade their steak to the adults for their burgers.

This year’s dinner honored two long-time Boys and Girls Club employees, unit director Lisa Ramos and program director Scott Parry, for their longevity and dedication. Each has over 30 years of service with the club.

A video presented prior to their recognition featured the ‘Service to Youth Award’ honorees and Mayor J. William Reynolds presented each with a citation honoring their commitment to the youth in Bethlehem. “We are here to thank you,” Reynolds said. Club CEO Winston Alozie said, “The work of of the Boys and Girls Club is embodied in Scott and Lisa.”

Thirty-two current club members rode to the dinner first class in a bus provided by sponsor Trans-Bridge Lines. The members joined adults at tables throughout the ballroom, discussing their favorite things to do at the club and their dreams for the future.

Alozie thanked everyone for their ongoing support and commitment to young people.

PRESS PHOTOs BY DANA GRUBB Thirty-two club members gather for a group photo on the front steps of the Hotel Bethlehem.
Boys & Girls Club members arrive on a bus provided by Steak & Burger sponsor Trans-Bridge.
Club members Nekhi and Arianny are joined at their table by Bethlehem Housing Authority recreation supervisor Robbie Robinson and deputy executive director John Ritter.
Club member Jadalyse celebrates with unit director Lisa Ramos, who received a Service to Youth Award.
Boys & Girls Club alumnus Chris Eline sits with current club members Bryson and Iyan.
Liberty HS senior Nana Slippe has been a club member since she was 5 years old. She told attendees that belonging was “like family” as current CEO Winston Alozie listens.
Boys #7: Attendance filled the Hotel Bethlehem's main ballroom with nearly 180 sponsors, alumni, club members and guests present.
Hotel Bethlehem manager Bruce Haines is joined by Lehigh University Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity brothers and Sammy, a Boys & Girls Club member. The hotel was a sponsor and fraternity members perform community service in Bethlehem, including at the Boys & Girls Club.
Club member Jaleah is served a steak, which she promptly traded to Boys and Girls Club board member Julie Zumas for Zumas' hamburger.
Server Alana Kravitz, a Lehigh University junior, serves club member Olivia her burger.
Unit director Lisa Ramos received the Service to Youth Award for her 30 plus years as a Boys and Girls Club employee. Recounting her experiences Ramos said, “Our doors are always open.”
Program director Scott Parry received the Service to Youth Award for his over 30 years with the club. “Great futures start at the club,” Parry said.