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Prayer box is dedicated at Presbyterian church

Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua, Second and Pine streets, held a dedication for its new prayer box Nov. 13. The prayer box is mounted outside of the church facing Pine Street at the chapel door.

The prayer box is for people to drop off prayers to share with the pastor of the church, Grace Ji-Sun Kim. It not only offers a private place for people to insert prayer requests, but also contains free materials, such as daily devotionals filled with encouraging words and other church information. There are paper and pencils in the box.

The idea is for Kim to collect the items from the box Sunday morning before church and address them during services.

Church leader Janet Dorwart opened the dedication with a stirring statement. The church community came together because of a sense that many are feeling anxious, isolated and afraid. She noted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, congregants learned to lean and depend on each other more and more.

Catasauqua Mayor Barbara Schlegel presented a certificate of appreciation and recognition for the church’s efforts. Kim was delighted to have the prayer box available to assist anyone with spiritual or physical needs.

The original idea for the box was attributed to Scott Tobey, of Bethlehem, a member of the congregation. Kathryn Tobey, his daughter, was described as the architect of the box, which was manufactured by Smucker’s Woodcrafts, of New Holland. Because the box is outside, it is constructed of cypress wood to enhance its durability.

The cypress wood chosen to endure is analogous to the durability of Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua, which, after the pandemic, endured to reassert its commitment to helping those in need.

After the dedication, attendees enjoyed coffee and cake to celebrate.

PRESS PHOTO BY BILL LEINER JR. A new prayer box has been placed outside at Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua, Second and Pine streets. A dedication was held Nov. 13.
PRESS PHOTO BY BILL LEINER JR. Catasauqua Mayor Barbara Schlegel gives Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua Pastor Grace Ji-Sun Kim and church leader Janet Dorwart a certificate of appreciation and recognition for the church's efforts during the Nov. 13 dedication of its new prayer box.