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Thanksgiving is a holiday when we give thanks

for all we have.

It’s not about the turkey,

Or the food that we will eat;

It’s about the world around us,

And the blessings we’ve received.

Think about the year that’s past;

All the people that you’ve met;

Some might be your best friends,

And some you will forget.

Be thankful for your findings

New people in your life!

Some people do not have a friend

And live a life of strife!

Open your heart to strangers,

Share some time with them;

When your conversations over,

They will have a friend!

Now’s the time for family,

From near and from afar;

Let them know you love them,

No matter where they are.

Tell them you are thankful

And want them by your side;

So all your love and blessings

Could be greatly multiplied.

Share all of your stories;

Connect with them once more;

I’m sure each and every one

Has memories galore.

When the turkey’s ready

and the stuffing overflows,

It’s time to stop the stories; to the kitchen you must go.

Enjoy a good and hearty meal;

Then chat with family and friends.

Enjoy your time together,

for, too soon, it all will end.


Be thankful for the day you’ve shared,

Be grateful for the fun;

Be thankful for your family,

each and every one.

Be grateful for our Lord above,

For blessing us with love;

And always thank our Holy One

For all that he has done.

Happy Thanksgiving

By Shirley Binkley

Cedar View Apartments