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Children ride new bikes with joyful glee at CLIU 21

Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21, in partnership with Variety, the Children’s Charity, gifted five adaptive bicycles and one adaptive stroller recently at the at the intermediate unit in Schnecksville.

The bicycles, manufactured by Blackburn’s Specialty Medical Products, cost approximately $7,000-$8,000 and are designed to allow special needs children the opportunity to ride a bicycle.

The money was raised by the Carbon Lehigh Special Needs Children’s Foundation.

The bicycles require an adult to manage the bicycle while being ridden by a child, allowing both the child and adult to enjoy a workout together.

An important component of the program is the “My Bike Pledge” which each parent or responsible adult is asked to take to ensure the safety of any child using the adaptive bicycles.

Dr. Elaine Eib, executive director of Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 joins mom Nahla Mahmoud and son, Fahd, for his inaugural ride on the adaptive bicycle.
PRESS PHOTOS BY LOU WHEELAND Jason and Patricia Kalbath accompany son, Casen, on his first adaptive bicycle journey.