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Respectfully Yours: Mail holiday greeting cards early to avoid delays

Dear Jacquelyn,

Can you please offer some guidance for mailing holiday cards this year? I won’t be evisiting most of my friends and family this holiday season. Is a holiday card an appropriate gesture? It seems like such a small gesture that is no replacement for an actual, in-person celebration. Also, when should I mail out holiday cards to ensure they arrive on time?

Dear Reader,

Keeping in touch with our friends and family through holiday cards is a timeless tradition.

In a time when all many have been able to do is talk to loved ones on a phone or computer screen, sending something that you’ve held in your hands is a personal extension of yourself.

Sending holiday cards is a great way to remain connected with the people in our lives.

It’s always best to consider sending out traditional holiday cards. While humor is great, be mindful of the fact that some on your list might have had a tough year.

To make the greeting more personal, be sure to include a handwritten heartfelt holiday message. For example: “I miss you so much! I hope this card finds you well and we can exchange big hugs soon!”

As a rule of thumb, the United States Postal Service typically takes three to seven days to deliver domestic mail. During the holiday season, the number of people using the postal service increases and this tends to increase mail-delivery times.

Ideally, you want to mail your holiday cards no later than Dec. 10, or sooner. The earlier you get them out, the less chance there is that your cards will get lost in the holiday shuffle.

A little boost of festive joy is always welcome during the holidays.

Respectfully Yours,


Have a question? Email: jacquelyn@ptd.net. Jacquelyn Youst is owner of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol, specializing in etiquette training.

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