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Coloring outside the lines at Willow Lane Elementary School

PRESS PHOTOS BY SHARON SCHRANTZ Sept. 24 was a colorful day at Willow Lane Elementary School. The school held its annual color run which helped the PTA raise money for field trips with over $35,000 raised. This allows the school to provide fully funded trips for all students. Megan Gougoustamos is the president of the PTA with Abigal Hoosier serving as the chairperson of the color run. ABOVE: Scotty, Teddy and Jay Thieman experience the fun of the color run at Willow Lane Elementary School Sept. 24.
PRESS PHOTO BY SHARON SCHRANTZ Harper and Nolan Beers stand by the sign announcing the Willow Lane Elementary School color run. Additional photos appear on Page A15.
LEFT: Evelyn Lansinger, Emily Santarellu and Jessie Hossier are ready for some colorful action. Nearby participants prepared to be purple.
LEFT: This is how the color is applied.
ABOVE: This section is where you can become green.
Andrea, Francis, Ava and Finley Walsh have their dose of color at the color run at Willow Lane Elementary School Sept. 24.
ABOVE: Jamie McFadden, ESOL teacher and Ellen Martin, third grade teacher are color bombed to the delight of the students. Principal Anthony Moyer assists.