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Board OKs new LED scoreboard for pool


Special to The Press

The scoreboard used for Parkland swim events has been in service since the high school opened in 1999 and needs to be replaced.

School board member Marisa Ziegler, chairwoman of the academics, arts and athletics committee, reported on the matter.

“It’s 23 years old,” Ziegler said. “It’s worn out and parts are unavailable. Lane 8 hasn’t worked for awhile.”

She said the district has two options for replacement.

A standard scoreboard can be obtained for a total cost, which includes installation, of $22,000.

The second choice is an LED scoreboard at a total cost of $80,000.

Ziegler said the LED item is actually worth $90,000, but the district can save $10,000 through a consortium purchasing arrangement.

Although the higher price is a factor, Ziegler said through advertising on the sign, the district will help lower the cost differential over the standard scoreboard.

The other benefit, explained Ziegler, is that the LED unit can be used by students in the digital design, marketing and advertising curriculum at Parkland.

Purchase of the LED scoreboard from Colorado Time Systems was on the agenda for a vote at the Sept. 29 meeting.

Board member Patrick Foose, participating from a remote setting, and Jarrett Coleman, who was present, wanted to table the motion.

The other seven members of the board, however, voted to move ahead with the purchase, and the LED signboard was approved.

Director of Community Relations and Development Nicole McGalla reported district representatives will meet to discuss pricing for advertising on the scoreboard.

As an information update, the Sept. 29 school board meeting was initially scheduled for Sept. 20.

School Board President David Hein explained an amendment to the Sunshine Act requires school boards and municipalities to post agendas to a website 24 hours before the meeting.

Parkland could not meet the time frame for the Sept. 20 meeting and had to postpone to a date available to board members and district personnel.