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Alburtis Halloween Parade is growing

Alburtis Borough Council met Sept. 28 where a police report was delivered by Chief Tony Alsleben. He was in attendance to discuss a grant available through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 for the police department. The maximum Alburtis could receive is up to $1 million. The grant would be used for technology.

Alsleben’s plan is to submit the grant for fixed cameras placed around the borough. Alsleben has a plan of where these cameras could go and believes this could help with accidents and traffic issues.

He has been in discussion with a company that manufactures the needed high-tech cameras. This company will help the police department and work with them in achieving this grant. The initial cost to get started is $1,500. Following this, the grant should cover the remainder of the costs. The application is due by Oct. 13, so there is no definitive answer on whether Alburtis will get this grant.

Truck traffic was discussed while Alsleben was in attendance. One issue occurring is the truck drivers’ GPS systems are showing Sauerkraut Lane as complete and directing them the wrong way.

An ordinance to halt trucks over 35 feet on Church Street was introduced. The solicitor will draw this up and produce this at the next meeting. This rule already exists on East Penn Avenue and South Main Street from Franklin to West School streets.

The solicitor also mentioned he would be introducing another new ordinance at an upcoming meeting. The state is requiring all local governments to create an ordinance allowing recent homebuyers to waive extra fees if they did not receive their taxes in the mail and failed to complete them.

There was nothing to report by Mayor Kathleen Palmer.

Following, the bills for payment and fiscal consultant’s report were approved. The bills for payment totaled $88,626. This dates to the previous meeting.

There were several items in administration.

First, was Ordinance No. 573. This ordinance substantially amended the codified ordinances relating to stormwater management. This was to “conform to the updated 2022 model stormwater management ordinance developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.” Details can be found on the Alburtis Borough website.

There was an update on the Alburtis Halloween Parade. There are almost 40 groups who have responded with interest in being in the parade. The parade committee also received confirmation from four food trucks. They are hoping for one to two more. The parade is being advertised on local radio and television.

The deadline is Oct. 14 to get forms and applications in. Interested participants can request information from Councilman Hector Moss.

The parade is scheduled 7 p.m. Oct. 29. The rain date is Oct. 30.

In parks and recreation, Chairman Stephen Nemeth requested approval for a bike rack to be placed at the new playground near the upper ball field. No decision was made. Council voted to have other park accessories quoted before a decision on what to purchase is approved.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation sent a notice for Alburtis’ estimated municipal liquid fuels allocation. In mid-March 2023, they should receive $65,552.

Last on the agenda, the 2022 Fire Relief Payment-Act 205 Payment was on the docket. The amount totaled just over $14,961.

The next meeting will be held 7 p.m. Oct. 12 at Alburtis Borough Hall, 260 Franklin St., Alburtis.