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No illusion, Tamaqua borough streetlights have purple hue

There’s an unusual glow coming from some streetlights in Tamaqua.

“Just so everybody is aware, we are very aware that the streetlights are turning purple,” said Rob Jones, public works director, during Tuesday’s council meeting. “We’re not doing that for Halloween.”

The borough was told that the purple tinge is caused by a manufacturer’s defect.

Jones said the borough contacted the light manufacturer, who has agreed to replace all the lights at no cost. The manufacturer will also pay for the installation.

“It’s just a matter of timing. They sent in a shipment of lights but they sent the wrong ones,” he said. “It’s no cost to the borough whatsoever. They will be changed as soon as we get them.”

Last month, resident George Haldeman said he’s been seeing a lot of purple lights around the borough.

Borough Manager Kevin Steigerwalt said that the borough owns the lights and had contacted the manufacturer.

“They’re making good of it,” Steigerwalt said. “In fact they had us count the number of lights.”

He explained that the lights are coated, and after time, the coating begins to wear off.

“It’s a manufacturer’s defect,” he said. “The coating is what makes them white.”

In unrelated business, council:

• Approved a request from the Tamaqua American Legion to hold the Veterans Day Parade beginning at 10 a.m. Nov. 5 on Broad Street.

• Approved a request from the Tamaqua Historical Society to hold the 38th Annual Heritage Festival Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in downtown Tamaqua.

• Learned that bids received for the borough’s heating oil will be opened on Oct. 17, and bids for the demolition of four borough properties will be opened on Oct. 14.

A streetlight on Pine Street is one of the many that developed a purple tinge because of a manufacturer's defect. The manufacturer will replace all lights. JILL WHALEN/TIMES NEWS