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Historic Society honors Women in Leadership

South Bethlehem Historic Society hosted a community luncheon acknowledging and honoring the recipients of this year’s “Women in Leadership (past and present)” award. The event was held Aug. 27 at the Lehigh Valley Hotel and Conference Center in Bethlehem. Women were chosen based on their commitment and contributions to the Southside in the areas of education, arts, medical, business and government.

Co-founders Joan Campion (deceased) and Adrienne Redd, formed the SBHS in 1985 when they realized that much of the material and verbal histories were disappearing as Bethlehem continued to grow. With the help of Linnie Fowler (deceased), these three women organized the SBHS. Ms Redd, who was present at the luncheon, spoke regarding “the second chapter” of Bethlehem’s history. The second chapter being 1850 forward, focusing on the individuals, ethnic groups and material evidence which helped make the industrialization and growth of South Bethlehem.

Mayor J. William Reynolds reminded the attendees that “history is about people” and the need for accurate and honest recording. He thanked city attorney John Spirk, and Bethlehem city Councilwomen Wandalyn Enix and Rachel Leon for showing their support for women in leadership and attednding this event. Pa. State Representative Steve Samuelson presented certificates of achievement to each of the awardees and praised their contributions to the community.

Luncheon committee member Anne Evans presented the SBHS awards. The award for leader from the past was presented to founder Adrienne Redd. Present leaders who received awards were Robin Hemmons Alozie, Lara Bly, Melissa Miranda Craig, Angela DelGrosso, Anna Smith (not present) and Mary Wright.

Esther Lee and Congresswoman Susan Wild share and compare leadership ideas. Lee is a Southside resident, board mmber of the SBHS, and president of the local NAACP. She said she would like to see the SBHS have a stronger community image.
South Bethlehem Historic Society Board member Don Elliot welcomes atendees to the first Women in leadership luncheon.
PRESS PHOTOS BY JENN RAGO Women in leadership 2022 recepients, left to right front row, are Angela DelGrosso, Mary Wright, back row, Lara Bly, Robin Hemmons Alozie, Melissa Miranda Craig and Adrienne Redd.