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Christmas Decor announces 2022 Decorated Family program

Christmas Decor, North America’s leading professional holiday and event decorating company, announces nominations are now open for the 2022 Decorated Family Program.

This is the 20th anniversary year for this tradition which is designed to help bring the spirit of the holidays to life for hundreds of deserving active-duty service members and their families throughout the U.S.

In 2003, Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor Inc., created the program to enable participating franchisees like Christmas Decor by Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape LLC, Orefield, to donate products, resources, time, and expertise to create glowing tributes at the homes of military families whose loved ones will be deployed outside of the country for the holiday season.

“This year between 160,000 and 180,000 active-duty military personnel deployed outside of the United States will be separated from their loved ones during the holiday season,” said Ken Divers of Christmas Decor by Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape LLC. “The Decorated Family program allows us to honor those who serve while creating a shining holiday memory for both the service member and his or her family.”

The form to nominate the family of a qualifying, active-duty service member for this distinction is available on Christmas Decor’s Facebook page on the Decorated Family Program link christmasdecor.net/about.

Scroll down to Philanthropy and complete the form explaining why the nominated military family should become a “Christmas Decor Decorated Family” for the 2022 holiday season.

Christmas Decor corporate will review all the shared stories and select from the nominated families in each community.

Decorated Families will be chosen based on the impact of their story on the judges and the family’s location (to ensure there is a participating local franchise to provide the award.

The deadline for nominations for the 2022 holiday season is Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

“The more nominations we receive, the more Decorated Families we are able to identify,” Stephens said.

“Please help us by nominating a military family to become a Decorated Family this year.”

More information about the Christmas Decor Decorated Family program is available at christmasdecor.net/about.

To learn more about having Christmas Decor decorate your home or business for the holidays, contact Ken Divers of Christmas Decor by Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape LLC at 610-395-9821 or kdivers@palawnlandscape.com.