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Resident questions spending plan to reduce energy usage

To the Editor:

According to the Sept. 14 edition of the Salisbury Press, the board of directors of the Salisbury School district is to consider a $12.2 million spending plan to reduce energy usage at the middle school and the currently unused Western Salisbury Elementary School building.

The article also states that the energy savings which would result from this massive spend are projected to save the district a total of $868,490 over the course of 20 years.

For the board members considering this expenditure, please realize that the return on investment for this project will take 281 years by estimates provided by McClure Company representatives.

The cost per household will be $2,304. With a savings of $8.20 per household, per year or $164 over the 20-year period.

We have some pretty smart individuals on our board and I would venture a guess that they would not spend their own money for such a poor return on investment.

I would ask the tax paying residents of Salisbury Township to contact the school board and tell them that this level of spending at a time when we have seen tax increases year after year and inflation is effecting family budgets of both young and older Salisbury residents, is not acceptable.

The presentation of this insane program can be viewed on the school district’s YouTube channel Sept. 7 meeting.

John Schmidt

Salisbury Township