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Chosen Words: An Autumn Sunset

Have you looked upward to the sky at the end of an autumn day?

The sight you’ll see is marvelous, as sunset fades away.

The colors are magnificent,

the purples, blue and pinks.

They hover high above the earth,

the rest of the world just shrinks

away beneath the beauty

of these majestic skies.

You’ll feel like you’re in heaven,

you won’t believe your eyes.

The sun is drifting out of sight until a brand new day;

But, meantime, it has given us a wonderful display,

of vibrant colors everywhere, your eyes will take the test,

to see if you can handle, Mother Nature at her best.

So, don’t look down upon the ground,

just lift your head up high,

At the end of a lovely autumn day,

and see that awesome sky.

Author unknown