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Bells are such a simple thing,

They show up everywhere.

The sounds they make are beautiful,

They add a lot of cheer.

There are bells at school

And bells at church;

They play at weddings, too,

They play in bands,

They play in hands,

They play for me and you.

I love to hear the sound of bells,

They echo through the room.

They really play quite loudly,

To announce the

Bride and groom.

The ice cream man rings his bell loud,

So all the kids can run

Up to the truck for ice cream,

Because, that is so much fun!

The fire truck, however,

Rings its bell loud and clear,

To let you know they’re on the way

And getting pretty near.

Regardless where they play a bell,

I love to hear it ring.

I hope it never goes away,

It’s such a beautiful thing.

Shirley Binkley

Cedar View Apartments