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Falcon Insider: SHS students have returned

Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome Nolan Grejda as our Falcon Insider reporter. He is a junior at Salisbury High School and will report on activities and happenings at the school. He is involved in Key Club, SGA, G.I.V.E. and Environmental Club. He is also a member of the boys tennis team and is a girls tennis and basketball team manager.


Special to The Press

Students at Salisbury High School had their first day of the new school year Aug. 30. Orientation for the new upcoming freshmen (along with fifth grade at Salisbury Middle School and kindergarten at Salisbury Elementary School) was held Aug. 29. Back for a new year, students at SHS are ready to start the school year and are looking forward to what it will bring.

Every year, upperclassmen help out at freshman orientation. Whether that be for a club or to get service hours for National Honor Society, they do it all. Students who did attend orientation for their club shared their ideas and purpose hoping to get as many new members as possible. Two of the most used tactics and strategies to get new members are to make a poster and hand out candy.

The next day following orientation, all students returned to the building. As some students were as excited as vice principal Ryan Yurchick, others wished they were still able to sleep in. Many students finish their school day, go to a sports practice (or game) and then get home later than usual. Students get less sleep even though they need it.

Not only do some students wish to sleep in, but they also wish they didn’t have work due during the second week of school. Teachers in all grade levels started classes on the first day. Teachers are more serious about the start of the year due to the learning loss over the past two years. With homework and class-building exercises being given to them, students are now getting a taste of high school.

Returning back to normal, changes have been made at SHS. In classrooms, students no longer have to distance themselves. In addition to the classroom, the cafeteria now allows the normal eight people to a table and the bathrooms also allow more people.

As the week is beginning to wrap up, the first week of school came to an end Sept. 1. With the Labor Day holiday, students won’t be back into the building until Sept. 6, having yet another shortened week.

Even with a shortened four-day week, students hope to build on their accomplishments and start strong this school year. Even as a group, they hope to accomplish more success.

Homecoming shirts are being sold through class advisory and this is the first of many fundraisers being held. Planning more and more every single day, students are back at SHS and are in the works of having an exciting and successful year.

PRESS PHOTO BY NOLAN GREJDA Students help at freshman orientation Aug. 29, including SGA and Aevidum members Stella Strickland, Allison Beckage, Bella Natosi, Bailee Neitz, Hannah Kamp and Ava Smarch.