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May The Fourth Be With You in social/emotional learning

On May 4, Salisbury Elementary School held a Star Wars themed social/emotional learning night in an effort to combat the stresses of everyday life.

Children, just like adults, face a multitude of stressors which can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and in turn negatively impact school performance and overall well-being. In an effort to address these issues, families were invited to not only learn to recognize the stressors in their lives but also use tools and techniques for reducing their response to stress.

Throughout the evening families visited activity stations focusing on breathing techniques, yoga poses, ways to use senses to relax as well as how to harness the power of positive thinking to deal with life’s changes and challenges.

At the end of the evening a raffle was held sponsored in part by Platinum Shears and families were treated to pizza from Lorenzo’s Pizza and Yocco’s Hot dogs.

PRESS PHOTOS BY KATHY HASSICK Jayden DeMarco practices using his sense of smell as a way to relieve stress at the Star Wars themed social/emotional learning night at Salisbury Elementary School May 4.
Long-term substitute Zachary Williams assists Molly and Jackson Stolarik and Everleigh Marstellar as they explore their sense of taste as a way to focus on one of the five senses.
Connecting with your five senses as a way to relieve stress is the focus of the Star Wars themed Stormtrooper Senses station during the social/emotional learning night May 4 at Salisbury Elementary School. Ronan and Ryland Christ bravely dip their hands into boxes filled with mystery substances.
Olive Gower is in a world of her own as she writes a positive message on a rock. Students and parents learned about the power of a positive mindset to increase self-confidence.
Coloring is not just fun but a way to practice mindfulness and relaxation. In keeping with the Star Wars theme Phillip and Skylah Ruiz spend some quality time coloring together.
Grace Gibbs is already an expert at butterfly breathing which consists of tracing the outline of a butterfly as you breathe deeply.
Following an evening of yoga practices, deep breathing exercises and training minds to think positive thoughts families are treated to Yocco's hot dogs and pizza from Lorenzo's Pizza. A raffle was also held sponsored in part by Platinum Shears.
Animal breathing as a way to calm and center thoughts is just one of the learning stations on social/emotional learning night at Salisbury Elementary School. Kimberly Lichtenwalner guides her daughter Hope Piediscalzo in “Bunny Breathing.”
Long-term substitute Lauren Zielinski directs Anthony Keller and Rocco Makhoul to trace a path on a labyrinth with their fingers as they breathe deeply.