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Local photographer, educator speaks at Whitehall High School

Charles Stonewall, a photographer and educator originally from Easton, participated in an artist’s talk in the auditorium of Whitehall High School Oct. 21. The talk, called “Thinking in Pictures,” covered a brief background of Stonewall’s journey as an artist and how he developed an eye for photography.

One of his works, titled “Conversations Across Time,” features two photos taken 24 years apart at the same location. The first photo was taken when Stonewall was unemployed; the second was taken after he received his degrees.

This photograph, he said, “is a metaphor about transformation, about growth. It doesn’t have to be the same old, same old.”

In another photograph, Stonewall captured his grandmother, who purchased his first camera.

He often focuses on theater, performing arts, portraiture and social justice themes. Portraiture aims to capture the personality of a subject through photography.

Stonewall earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Kansas City Art Institute and went on to earn his Master of Arts in studio art from University of Missouri-Kansas City. His work has appeared at a private reception in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, and has received the Inspiration Grant for research in healing arts.

Charles Stonewall discusses a photograph called “Conversations Across Time” during an artist's talk Oct. 21 at Whitehall High School. Both sides of the picture were taken in the same location, 24 years apart. In 1997, the year the right side was photographed, was not a good year for Stonewall because he said he was unemployed. After receiving his degrees, Stonewall traveled to the same location, which is now Two Rivers Brewing, Easton, and took another picture.
This is another photograph Stonewall discussed and was hanging in the Zephyr Art Gallery outside the WHS auditorium during October. The image was taken on the dancers' third jump and has not been edited to create the white background. Due to the use of strobes, the photo had no shadows or motion blur.
Stonewall's grandmother, who purchased his first camera, is seen in this photo. PRESS PHOTOS BY CHRISTINA SANTO
This 2018 photograph is called “Life Beyond Measure.” Stonewall had no idea the model was going to wear yellow, but he said it created a beautiful contrast with the purple flowers. Stonewall stated his grandmother had purple irises in her yard and believes this photograph signifies his art going full circle.