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Kids win annual powder puff game

Catasauqua senior Maddie Harth scored the Roughies’ touchdown in the final two minutes of the annual powder puff football game on Sunday night, won by Northampton, 33-7, at Northampton.

“It was really exciting. We actually messed up the handoff. I kind of ran into our quarterback, but I still got the ball and I was faster than them, I guess,” Harth said.

Harth also kicked the extra point.

“It was exciting,” she said. “It’s actually not that hard. That’s what I was looking forward to.”

Catty, coached by teachers Brett Zieber and Brandon Keks, closed out the third quarter with consecutive first downs by Harth and opened the fourth quarter with a first-and-goal but couldn’t score.

“I tried to throw to our quarterback, but that didn’t work, and we kept getting stopped, and they caught on to us,” Harth said.

Northampton’s Lauren Straub scored the K-Kids’ first two touchdowns, the first on a 30-yard run and the second on 50 yards.

“Of course it’s a rivalry. It was a little rough out there, but it was fine at the end of the day,” Straub said.

Catty’s Kyra Jackson had multiple carries on a drive by the Roughies in the first quarter, but Sydney Gebhart’s lateral pass was dropped after Harth drove to the 17-yard line.

Catasauqua’s senior boys were the Roughies’ cheerleaders for the evening, and performed a halftime routine to a music mix in full cheerleading uniforms. The routine included dance moves, lifts, and a cheer.

Northampton’s Taylor Kranzley scored three touchdowns for the K-Kids, the third in the final seconds of the game.

The powder puff game, played by the seniors, is the precursor to the annual Thanksgiving Day football game between Catty and Northampton.

“We practiced for a good three weeks, five hours a week, something like that,” said Harth. “I wish we played more games. I had a lot of fun.”