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Lee Ann Gilbert is running unopposed for the office of mayor.

There are five candidates for the office of council member: Democrats Roy Anders Jr. and Shana Baumgartner; Brent Labenberg running on the Democrat/Republican ticket and Republicans John F. Belin Jr. and Trevor Schneck. Voters will choose three.


What do you think the residents are most concerned about?

Democrat Roy Anders Jr. I believe the residents of Emmaus are concerned most about the infrastructure of the borough. This includes the roads, water and sewer. The roads cannot be successfully repaired without the pipes below being repaired or replaced. We have had recent storms that water is causing issues with flooding and road damage. The borough is investing up to $4 million through financing to correct stormwater issues in the future. We are also reviewing all roads and documenting each location for future paving projects.
Democrat Shana Baumgartner Residents have many concerns – related to health, well-being of children, economic security, housing insecurity, to name a few. Most pressing is a concern for the post-pandemic future. When will the pandemic end? What will “normal” look like? That is why this election matters – the people on the ballot this November are the ones who will help us navigate our way out of this pandemic. We need a council that can set aside partisanship to work collaboratively, listen actively and move Emmaus forward.
Democrat/ Republican Brent Labenberg Residents are concerned about costs of services (taxes). With ever increasing government regulations without funding (ex. stormwater management) it becomes increasingly harder to maintain costs. One way to lower costs is to make operations more efficient. We have been doing this. Borough residents want to see infrastructure (water, sewer, parks, roads) and services (police, ambulance, fire) improved and maintained. The borough has long-term plans for sewer, water and parks, but must improve on maintaining streets. Our emergency services are top notch. They must be provided the proper equipment to remain the best. My experience will keep Emmaus #1!
Republican John F. Belin Jr. Our aging infrastructure, roads, bridges and sidewalks need improvement. At the local level we need to involve all citizens to ensure CDC guidelines are followed, are up to date and understood. We also need our citizens to continue to support our local and small business owners to ensure the survival of businesses in our great town. I want to improve opportunities for our youth, prepare people for jobs in the future, preserve quality of life, strengthen public safety. Ensure quality housing for our people. I will donate my salary if elected back to our community. Thanks and stay safe!
Republican Trevor Schneck Normally I would say safety which is naturally a concern of all residents no matter where you live, but I think its the economy and the finances of the residents. We are living in a very unsure time. People not knowing if their job will be shut down or if they will have a job due to their own personal choices regarding being vaccinated.