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First responders featured at library heroes night

After first debuting after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on America, Heroes Night at the Emmaus Public Library has paid homage to area fire, ambulance and police first responders.

Fire engines, ambulance and police vehicles have drawn youngsters and parents with demonstrations of equipment, handouts and friendly banter from uniformed first responders for many years.

It’s been an annual opportunity to see police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel up close in a cordial atmosphere.

Exclamations of “Thanks for what you do” were heard often, and appreciated by those who run toward trouble in bad situations.

Vera Cruz firefighter Tim Kline shows Willow Lane Elementary School student Brandon Murphy some of the protective gear firefighters depend on during the Oct. 7 Heroes Night activities at Emmaus Public Library.
PRESS PHOTO BY JIM MARSH Emmaus Police Chief Troy Schantz watches as Connor Knoll, of Emmaus, plays policeman in a borough cruiser while mom, Christine and sister Paige participate from the back seat.
RIGHT: Emmaus resident Sally Kneller, who is a frequent visitor to the annual Emmaus Library Heroes Night, tries out an air pack and pike pole with Vera Cruz Fire Co. firefighters, from left, Lucas Andrews, Tim Derr, Lt. Kris Bawden and Omar Abdelfatah.
ABOVE: Emmaus Ambulance Corps EMT Rebecca Waterman shows Lincoln Elementary School students Wilson Hopko and Nathaniel San Marco, both of Emmaus, some of the emergency equipment carried on an ambulance.