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Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society picnics in Ontelaunee Park

The Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society sponsored a community picnic Oct. 2 in Ontelaunee Park, Lynn Township.

According to Neil Oswald, president of the Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society, the picnic wasn’t his first choice.

“It was a way to keep the community aware of the date ... to let them know we didn’t disappear,” he stated.

Usually they have a big Pioneer Day event.

“But an event like that takes a year to plan,” he said, “Due to COVID we could only manage planning a smaller event.”

The historical society buildings were open for community members to tour.

RIGHT: Good Egg food truck offered alternatives for picnickers.
PRESS PHOTOS BY BERNADETTE SUKLEY Shane Gillenberger, Grandma Mia and Baylin Gillenberger have a good time at the Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society picnic in Ontelaunee Park.
BELOW: Gary Dotterer scoops out hot cider from a large kettle pot over an open fire.
Old mucking rakes and shovels handy for cleaning out stalls are part of the Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society collection.
BELOW RIGHT: Replica of the Liberty Bell hidden from the British in 1777. PRESS PHOTOS BY BERNADETTE SUKLEY
Covered wagon owned by the Lynn Heidelberg Historical Society. Additional photos appear on page A2.