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Board discusses trick or treat conflicts

During the Sept. 7 meeting, the Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners discussed the date of Oct. 29 as the township’s trick-or-treat night. The event would run 6-8 p.m. and would have a rain date of Oct. 30.

Commissioner Jeffrey Warren mentioned his children miss out on trick-or-treat night each year due to after-school activities and suggested other township families are likely dealing with the same issue. Commissioner Randy Atiyeh pointed out Whitehall High School’s football team will face Northampton Oct. 29. With two major community events planned for the same night, families may be forced to pick and choose what they can attend.

The board discussed a few alternatives, such as moving the date to Saturday or Sunday; however, board President Philip Ginder said the township is unable to do it all and moving the date to a possible school night or other weekend night could cause other conflicts.

The agenda listed the event as a motion the board will vote on next week.

In other business, Bill 27 and Resolution 3166 both discuss the property at 4205 Lehigh St. The bill has called for the deferral of a sidewalk along the frontage of the property, while the resolution is asking for the approval of a minor subdivision plan.

This item broke out a discussion among the board regarding recreation impact fees and how the township can apply them. It will be moved to the legal and legislative committee’s October meeting for further discussion and clarification.

Bill 29 also discussed construction development within Whitehall Township. The ordinance requests a sidewalk and curbing deferral for properties at 4124 and 4128 Springmill Road. There was little feedback surrounding this bill.

The final bill on the agenda was the first hearing of Bill 30. Since this is the bill’s first hearing, there will be no voting on this item at the next meeting. The bill discusses chapter 27 of zoning, specifically the C-2, regional and community commercial district.

The bill requests multiple improvements, such as providing criteria for the coordinated commercial development in section 27-80D; adding additional permitted uses to section 27-80A; and adding definitions of words to section 27-94A. A legal representative was present to discuss each line in detail, but Ginder suggested the board wait until the second hearing to make any comments. The bill will be discussed again next month.

The board moved on to review Resolution 3168, which proposed the disposal of a 1990 Mack CF fire apparatus. Commissioner Charles Fisher asked if someone could discuss the situation in more detail, as he received briefing material saying the apparatus would be going to Alabama.

Deputy Mayor Jack Meyers said the fire equipment would be going off to another station in need. The township has replaced this model, and Fullerton has one in good condition.

Lastly, the board discussed a motion to appoint Richard Bentz from an alternate to a regular member of the Civil Service Commission. Bentz would take the seat vacated by Donald Hayn when his term expires Dec. 31. The board will vote on this motion at this upcoming regular meeting.

The board will next meet 7 p.m. Sept. 13. To attend the meeting virtually, visit whitehalltownship.org and find the link on the board of commissioners page.