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Letter to the Editor: Parents shouldn’t turn away donation to NASD

To the Editor:

When my granddaughter told me her family was moving to Northampton 10-plus years ago, I was concerned.

I knew nothing about the school district, and education is very important to me. She assured me they had taken that into consideration.

Well, when her children started school, I was very pleased with the district. I found it was very progressive and the children were receiving excellent educations. I really appreciated Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik in how he ran his district.

I was appalled to see the (July 22) article in the Northampton Press, “Parents speak out against book donation.” That’s when I realized what I heard was true - the borough of Northampton leans heavily to the right.

Why any parent would deny these books is really beyond understanding. The educators thought there was a need for this type of reading.

Jessica Quinones, a kindergarten teacher, discovered this program and thought it was excellent, as did a retired teacher from the district. The board vice president had doubts, but, after reading them, agreed they are needed. Superintendent Kovalchik also sees a need for this type of literature. The books would be placed in the library for use when appropriate.

Why should a few conservative parents dictate what books should be accepted and placed in the library? Evidently, they are content in their own little world and don’t understand some children have problems and questions that need answering.

Maybe these protesters should send their children to private schools.

Patricia E. Bennet